On Repeat

1) The Civil Wars - Barton Hallow: This entire album is pretty much always playing while I study.  I love how chill they are and how they write such pretty words to create little movies or stories in your head.
2) Tegan & Sara - "Closer": I love how full this song is.  When you listen to it with headphones on the music completely fills your head.  (maybe that's just the volume I have it at...)   It's so upbeat and such a great driving song.
3) The Killers - "Runaways": This song has such a great description of detail that you really feel like you could be living in the story.  I like songs that really allow you to watch a music video in your mind!
4) Ellie Goulding - "Anything Could Happen": This song just makes me smile from the moment it comes in.  I was so excited when I found this gem but when I went and told all my friends about it they had already heard it on X-Factor, guess I'm just behind the times...

What do YOU have on repeat?

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