Birthday Bike

This weekend, along with being Easter weekend (chocolate and jelly beansssss!) is also my mom's birthday!  In honour of the anniversary of my mother's birth we usually do something as a family.  For the past couple of years this has been taking a ride around the beautiful sea wall!  Last year mom got a beautiful cruiser and named it Clementine.  Since her bike is the nicest, we strap it to the back of the car and the rest of us rent!  The weather is beautiful and the scenery can't be beat.  Today, we finished off the day with dinner in Gastown and I ended my day with a nasty reaction to all the cheese in my dinner... Oh the price we pay for good food.

beautiful [procrastination] weather!

I don't really have anything interesting to say other than the weather is fantastic.  Cold, but beautiful.  
Finals are approaching and I am procrastinating studying like no other.  Exercise, tv, movies, Sims, crafts, pinning, cleaning, eating, you name it, I'm doing it.  
A couple of important birthdays are coming up too so I'm getting ready for thooose.
I'm really just writing this as another way to procrastinate so I should probably get back to the books.  I hope that wherever you are the weather is as nice there as it is here!

March is busy!

stove-popped popcorn: the best kind there is!

a sad little birthday cupcake that didn't quite make it...

most exciting (and satisfying) meal I have made in the 7 months I have been at school.

Sorry, sorry, sorry.  I have been busy with school and family and life and have been neglectful of letting you know the happenings of my busy life.  March is a busy month, with lots of birthdays, end of school exams, papers yaddayaddayadda, planning for summer and trying to stay focused on the stuff that needs to get done (ie stu-dying).  
Although I am busy I'm making sure that I eat relatively well.  I've been exercising more and am trying not to cancel out all my hard work with crap food so I've been trying to be a bit more healthy.  Although the cupcake begs to differ, I swear I'm being better than I have been..
Hope y'all are good and life and the weather aren't gettin ya down!


I LOVE THE SUN!!  Yesterday and today I have woken up to blue sky and sun!!  Even though I have lots of studying and writing to do, having the sun around makes me a very happy person!

Mount Doug

This weekend Brittney and I went on a hike!  We climbed the biggest mountain in the world!  Well not actually but it sure felt like it part way through...  Both of us are slightly out of shape so parts of the climb were rough but for the most part we totally conquered it!  When we got to the top we reveled in our accomplishment took some pics and admired the view.  It was super windy and a bit rainy so we didn't stay up there long but we loved it while it lasted!