March is busy!

stove-popped popcorn: the best kind there is!

a sad little birthday cupcake that didn't quite make it...

most exciting (and satisfying) meal I have made in the 7 months I have been at school.

Sorry, sorry, sorry.  I have been busy with school and family and life and have been neglectful of letting you know the happenings of my busy life.  March is a busy month, with lots of birthdays, end of school exams, papers yaddayaddayadda, planning for summer and trying to stay focused on the stuff that needs to get done (ie stu-dying).  
Although I am busy I'm making sure that I eat relatively well.  I've been exercising more and am trying not to cancel out all my hard work with crap food so I've been trying to be a bit more healthy.  Although the cupcake begs to differ, I swear I'm being better than I have been..
Hope y'all are good and life and the weather aren't gettin ya down!

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