Rain drops keep falling on my head....

but not actually.. That would mean being outside.  A somewhat foreign concept during the finals season.

Finals Mix

Life has made me pretty unproductive on this thing but I'm trying...
I've been studying for finals the last couple weeks and have cooped up inside with books and my laptop for days and days and days.  The only thing getting me through (aside from food) is the music I've been listening to.  I don't really listen to stuff with lyrics while I'm studying but when I take my breaks I need to be energized and pumped up!

This mix pretty much sums up how I feel at all different times of the day while I'm studying for my finals!

1. Phosphorescent: Ride On/Right On.  This song rocks.  It's fun, upbeat and a great pick-me-up
2. Capital Cities: Safe and Sound.  I'm not a huge fan of electronic-y stuff but this is an exception.
3. Icona Pop: I Love It.  I'm pretty sure I was the last one to hear about this song...
4. Devendra Banhart: Golden Girls.  This song is pretty mellow and chill and good for unwinding.
5. Joy Formidable: Whirring.  It's got a toe-tapping beat and the chick has a cool voice.
6. Cold War Kids: Miracle Mile.  Kind of reminds me of the Killers.  I like.
7. Jets Overhead: Boredom and Joy.  An awesome Victoria band with an awesome song.
8. Rhye: Woman.  This entire album is so relaxing.  It is the only one with lyrics that I will listen to while studying.
9. Snoop Lion and Miley Cyrus: Ashtrays and Heartbreaks.  Judge me if you want but I enjoy it.

Weekend Inspiration

I know I already posted today but I came across this while scrolling through Pinterest and felt that it was very relevant.  Lately, it seems, that lots of people are judging things and making broad statements against things they don't like.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but rather than attacking the things we don't like, let's try to make the world a little less aggressive and let people know what we love and why we love it!

Finals Week

Last weekend I was home for a combination of Easter Weekend and my mom's birthday.  It was gorgeous the whole time and I spent much of it outside!
Now I am back at school studying for finals inside while the rain is pouring outside my window.
Hope y'all have a good weekend and that the weather isn't gettin ya down!