Folk Fest 2013

This weekend I got to go to the Folk Fest!  It's a music festival at Jericho Beach in Vancouver that takes place every summer.  I've been a few times but I think this year was definitely my favourite.  In previous years it's been a family affair with mom, dad, Zoe, my aunt and my uncle.  But this year it was just me and my aunt and my uncle.  I loved it!  I don't see them very often so it was great to get to spend a whole day with them!  There was a ton of great food, amazing vendors selling all sorts of different stuff and absolutely fantabulous music playing all day long!  By far, one of the best days of my summer!

Taylor Swift

^Spotted: Taylor Swift's mom^
^Just a couple of "T-Swizzlers" hangin out waiting for the show to start^
^Ed Sheeran killed it!  I never knew he was a one man band!^
^42 000 people all in red^

^We stopped counting after 15^

Last weekend Zoe and I went and saw the sold out Taylor Swift concert.  It was quite the production: fireworks, multiple costume changes, a bunch of dancers, and lots of singing/dancing.  Zoe knew all the songs and sang along for most of it.  I only knew a few of the songs but when I did, boy did I scream 'em.   A co-worker had given me a $30 parking pass for free so after the concert Zoe and I scooted out and headed home with our ears still ringing.