Taylor Swift

^Spotted: Taylor Swift's mom^
^Just a couple of "T-Swizzlers" hangin out waiting for the show to start^
^Ed Sheeran killed it!  I never knew he was a one man band!^
^42 000 people all in red^

^We stopped counting after 15^

Last weekend Zoe and I went and saw the sold out Taylor Swift concert.  It was quite the production: fireworks, multiple costume changes, a bunch of dancers, and lots of singing/dancing.  Zoe knew all the songs and sang along for most of it.  I only knew a few of the songs but when I did, boy did I scream 'em.   A co-worker had given me a $30 parking pass for free so after the concert Zoe and I scooted out and headed home with our ears still ringing.  

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