happy mother's day

Zoe and I sent mom out of the house so we could all decorate the living room and much brunch

The Trader Joe macaroons and the gluten free scones were a huge hit!

My mom is the most amazing woman I know.  She is kind, caring, compassionate, loving, beautiful, intelligent, and so much more!  She has taught me so much and I am so grateful that she's mine!  I know my sister and I can be difficult and exhausting so I appreciate everything she does and deals with so incredibly much!
Here's to all the other beautiful mother's who have taken on the job of raising and caring for all of us kids!  We love and appreciate you!!

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  1. How lucky am I to have the most wonderful daughters who are so thoughtful, generous, funny and loving!! I had a fabulous mother's day and truly felt special, loved and appreciated! Thank you thank you thank you!!