I could get used to this...

Classes are done.  One of my exams is over.  I am in full feel-good mood.  Yesterday I had a job interview [FINALLY] then spent the rest of the day crafting and listening to music at home.  Today I started my day off with making cookie dough.  While it was chilling in the fridge, I went for a run down by the water.  I ran the ENTIRE way.  3km of running.  I. Am. A. Champ.  That might not exactly sound amazingly stellar or anything but I was pretty darn proud of myself.  I digress.. I got home, showered, popped the cookies in the oven, and made lunch.  I then proceeded to get things in order so I could dye some easter eggs!  I didn't want to buy a kit so I did some research (after being inspired by this post) and figured out how to dye my eggs naturally!  It was quite an experience and they didn't exaaaactly turn out the way I'd hoped, but hey, that's part of the fun in trying new things!  I am now sitting on the couch thinking about what to make for dinner and deciding between studying [the right choice] or watching more Game of Thrones [the feel-good choice]...  Hope y'all are having a good Thursday!

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